Telecom Business Alert 2007

Date: Dec 31, 2007

 Keller and Heckman LLP's Telecom Business Alert is a complimentary weekly electronic update created by the Telecommunications and the Business Counseling and Transactional practice groups of Keller and Heckman LLP

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Current Issues
January 2, 2007 Volume IV, Issue 1 - December 31, 2007 Volume IV, Issue 51

Volume IV- Issue 52 December 31, 2007(PDF)
700 MHz Auction Update
Licensing Rules for Satallite Radio Terrestrial Repeaters
Program Access Comments Due this week
FCC Issues $423,000 Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture for Do-Not-Fax Violations

Volume IV- Issue 51 December 17, 2007(PDF)
FCC Open Meeting Tomorrow
FCC Responds to GAO DTV Transition Report
FCC Reaches Consent Decree with 4.9 GHz Band Equipment Manufacturer

Volume IV- Issue 50 December 10, 2007(PDF)
FCC Issues Forfeiture for Unauthorized Transfer of Control and Foreign Ownership
Triennial Report to Congress on Eliminating Market Entry Barriers
New CPNI Rules Effective as of December 8
Keller and Heckman LLP Forms Pole Attachment Coalition

Volume IV- Issue 49 December 3, 2007(PDF)
December 4 Deadline To Join Keller and Heckman Pole Attachment Coalition
Verizon Wireless Announces it will Open its Network to Third Party Devices and Applications
FCC Proposes Extending the Do-Not-Call Registry

Volume IV- Issue 48 November 26, 2007(PDF)
FCC Open Meeting Tomorrow
Pole Attachment Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
Federal-State Joint Board on Universal Service Issues Recommended Decision
FCC Extends Deadlines for Program Access Comments

Volume IV- Issue 47 November 19, 2007(PDF)
3.65 GHz Band Available for Licensing
700 MHz Band Auction Filing Window Opens
FCC Finalizes Board of Directors of 700 MHz Public Safety Broadband Licensee
FCC Cautions Tower Registrants Regarding Proper Application Forms

Volume IV- Issue 46 November 12, 2007(PDF)
Second Report to Congress on Satellite Competition
FCC Extends Deadline for 700 MHz Regional Planning Committee Plans
N.C. Co-op Wins Pole Attachment Appeal
Do Not Call Violations Result in $7.7 Million in Penalties

Volume IV- Issue 45 November 5, 2007(PDF)
FCC Bans Video Programming Exclusive Contracts
FCC Extends Local Number Portability Obligation to VoIP
Report on High-Speed Services for Internet Access
Mackrell International Regional Meeting

Volume IV- Issue 44 October 29, 2007(PDF)
FCC to Propose New Pole Attachment Rules
FCC to Adopt Rules Regarding Exclusive Video Services Contracts for MDUs
BPL Appeal Has Its Day in Court
K&H Attorneys to Speak at Heartland Joint Use Conference

Volume IV- Issue 43 October 22, 2007(PDF)
Appeals Court Upholds FCC's Wireline Broadband Internet Access Order
Wireless Telecommunications Bureau to Hold 700 MHz Auction Seminar
FCC Finds More Companies Apparently Liable for Do-Not-Fax Violations

Volume IV- Issue 42 October 15, 2007(PDF)
FCC Announces Second Round of Testing for TV "White Space" Devices
FCC Affirms Carrier Back Up Power Requirement
Joint Use "Evergreen" Clause Held Voidable
Pole Attachment Rates Disputed at COMPTEL

Volume IV- Issue 41 October 8, 2007(PDF)
FCC Announces Bidding Procedures for 700 MHz Auction
Upcoming Deadline for Filing 700 MHz Relocation Certification Information
FCC Releases Order and NPRM on Competition in Video Distribution Market

Volume IV- Issue 40 October 1, 2007(PDF)
FCC Modifies Board of 700 MHz Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Licensee
Negotiation Period for Stage 1, Wave 4 800 MHz Band Licensees Extended Again
2.1 GHz Band Relocation Negotiations Continuing
Lineman Award for Rotted Pole Increased to $84 Million

Volume IV- Issue 39 September 24, 2007(PDF)
FCC Proposes New Rules for Wireless Services in the 2155-2175 MHz Band
FCC Resolves 800 MHz Rebanding Dispute
New Wireline Competition Bureau Chief

Volume IV- Issue 38 September 17, 2007(PDF)
FCC Announces New 800 MHz Rebanding Procedures
FCC Permits Smaller Antennas in 11 GHz Band
FCC Launches Disaster Information Reporting System
Keller and Heckman at FAA Conference

Volume IV- Issue 37 September 10, 2007(PDF)
FCC Open Meeting Tomorrow
AT&T Enters Into CPNI Consent Decree with Enforcement Bureau
Keller and Heckman LLP at Pole Attachment Conference
FCC Grants 220 MHz Licenses

Volume IV- Issue 36 September 4, 2007(PDF)
FCC Adopts New Rules Governing "In-Region, Long Distance" Services
FCC Dismisses Applications Seeking to Provide Free Nationwide Wireless Broadband
FCC Increases Penalties for Failure to Comply With USF Program
Keller and Heckman LLP at Broadband Properties Conference

Volume IV- Issue 35 August 27, 2007(PDF)
New 3.65 GHz Band Rules Take Effect
Regulatory Fee Payments Due September 19
FCC Finds Sprint Apparently Liable for Violation of Antenna Lighting Requirements

Volume IV- Issue 34 August 20, 2007(PDF)
FCC Reminds Public Safety Licensees of 700 MHz Band Relocation Requirements
FCC Announces 700 MHz Auction
FCC Issues Monetary Forfeiture Against Tower Owner

Volume IV- Issue 33 August 13, 2007(PDF)
FCC Amends Schedule of Regulatory Fees
FCC Clarifies CMRS Roaming Obligations
VoIP Providers to Pay FCC Regulatory Fees
Pole Attachment Rates

Volume IV- Issue 32 August 06, 2007(PDF)
FCC Adopts Rules for 700 MHz Band
FCC Releases Reports on Initial TV White Space Devices

Volume IV- Issue 31 July 30, 2007(PDF)
FCC to Vote on 700 MHz Auction Rules Tomorrow
FCC Moving Forward with Plans for 3.65 GHz Band
FCC Seeks Comment on Rates for Special Access Services
FCC Grants Broadband PCS Licenses

Volume IV- Issue 30 July 23, 2007(PDF)
Comment Dates Set in FCC Vehicle-Mounted Earth Stations Proceeding
Sprint, Clearwire Announce Plans to Jointly Construct WiMAX Network
FCC Continues to Enforce Do-Not-Fax Rules
Keller and Heckman LLP at Pole Attachment Conference

Volume IV- Issue 29 July 16, 2007(PDF)
FCC Closer to Finalizing 700 MHz Rules
FCC Looks to Refresh the Record on Special Access Services of Price Cap ILECs
FCC Proposes $10,500 Forfeiture Against PLMRS Operator

Volume IV- Issue 28 July 9, 2007(PDF)
FCC Seeks Comment on Need for "Spectrum Etiquette" in the Unlicensed Bands
FCC Announces Close of 220 MHz Auction
Senator Cantwell Seeks to Preserve 900 MHz Band
Keller and Heckman LLP at Pole Attachment Conference

Volume IV- Issue 27 July 2, 2007(PDF)
FCC Extends 800 MHz Wave 4, Stage 1 Mandatory Negotiation Period
FCC Seeks Comment on Changes to Part 90 Rules
New Telephone Subscribership Report
FCC Accepts Broadband PCS Applications for Filing

Volume IV- Issue 26 June 25, 2007(PDF)
February 18, 2008 Sunset Date for Analog Cellular Service Maintained
FCC Seeks Comment on Concurrent Coordination
FCC Commissioner Deborah Tate to be Nominated for Second Term
Tom Magee Featured Panelist at Southeastern Electric Exchange Joint Use Committee

Volume IV- Issue 25 June 18, 2007(PDF)
FCC Seeks Comment on Exclusive Contracts for Video Services to Multiple Dwelling Units
FCC Seeks Comment on Rules Governing Customer Proprietary Network Information
Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau Resolves 800 MHz Disputes
Changes to Universal Licensing System Software

Volume IV- Issue 24 June 12, 2007(PDF)
FCC Affirms 3.65 GHz Band Decision; Spectrum Available Without Auction
FCC Adopts New Rules Regarding Telco/Cable Access to Multiple Dwelling Units
Eddy County, New Mexico Clarifies Tower Ordinance
Keller and Heckman LLP Attorneys Are Featured Panelists at Heartland Joint Use Conference

Volume IV- Issue 23 June 4, 2007,(PDF)
Keller and Heckman LLP Protests Pole Complaints
E911 Requirements for Wireless Carriers and Interconnected VOIP Providers
FCC Implements Katrina Panel Recommendations
Keller and Heckman LLP Attorneys Are Featured Panelists at UTC Conference
Keller and Heckman LLP Licensing Specialist Appointed to NCAPA Board of Directors

Volume IV- Issue 22 May 29, 2007(PDF)
FCC Open Meeting This Thursday
FCC Proposes $3,000 Forfeiture for Failure to Register Tower
FCC Grants Waivers of Tower Inspection Requirements
Lineman Awarded $39 Million for Rotted ILEC Pole

Volume IV- Issue 21 May 21, 2007(PDF)
FCC Loosens 800 MHz Cost Recovery
FCC Proposes Changes to Part 90 Rules
Time Warner Telecom Seeks Preferential Pole Attachment Rules
FCC Proposes $15,000 Forfeiture Against PLMRS Operator

Volume IV- Issue 20 May 14, 2007(PDF)
Deadline for Broadband Internet Access and VoIP Implementation of CALEA
Federal-State Joint Board on Universal Service Recommends Cap on High-Cost Fund
FCC Reports on Telephone Subscribership and Penetration Levels

Volume IV- Issue 19 May 7, 2007(PDF)
FCC Adopts Service Rules for 17/24 GHz Broadcasting Satellite Service
FCC Terminates Interference Proceedings
FCC Clarifies Rules Governing Software-Defined and Cognitive Radios
FCC Completes Review of AWS Licenses

Volume IV- Issue 18 April 30, 2007 (PDF)
FCC Modifies Rules for 700 MHz Commercial Wireless and Public Safety Licenses
FCC Proposes to Permit Smaller Antennas for Fixed Services in 11 GHz Band
Comments on Skype Petition
FCC Grants 1.4 GHz Licenses

Volume IV- Issue 17 April 23, 2007 (PDF)
FCC Inquires Into Broadband Data and Deployment
Final Rules Announced for FCC Decision on 6.25 kHz Equipment
FCC Seeks Comment on Fiscal Year 2006 Regulatory Fees
FCC to Hold Summit on Building Interoperable Public Safety Communications

Volume IV- Issue 16 April 16, 2007 (PDF)
FCC Seeks Information on CMRS Competition
Oregon Revises Pole Attachment Rules
Broadband PCS Auction Update
Enforcement Bureau Proposes Forfeitures for Failure to Timely Renew PLMRS Licenses

Volume IV- Issue 15 April 9, 2007 (PDF)
FCC Clarifies Rights of Public Safety Licensees in 800 MHz Expansion Band
FCC Terminates Proceeding Concerning Use of Cellular Telephones on Airborne Aircraft
Mitigation of Bird Collisions with Communications Towers
FCC Revises Rules Governing Customer Proprietary Network Information

Volume IV- Issue 14 April 2, 2007 (PDF)
FCC Releases Order Approving of AT&T-Bell South Merger
FCC Extends Negotiation Period for Border-Area Non-NPSPAC Wave 4 Licensees
FCC Proposes to Permit Smaller Antennas for Fixed Services in 11 GHz Band
XM and Sirius Seek FCC Approval of Transfer of Control of Licenses

Volume IV- Issue 13 March 26, 2007 (PDF)
FCC Classifies Wireless Broadband Internet Access as Information Service
FCC Addresses Land Mobile Transition to 6.25 kHz Equipment
Keller and Heckman at ENTELEC 2007
Join Doug Jarrett for a Breakfast Briefing on Telecommunications Services Agreements

Volume IV- Issue 12 March 19, 2007 (PDF)
FCC Open Meeting This Thursday
FCFCC Extends Comment Deadlines for Skype Petition
FCC Grants Waiver of E911 Phase II Requirements
New Form 608 for Spectrum Leasing Arrangements

Volume IV- Issue 11 March 12, 2007 (PDF)
Eddy County, New Mexico Tower Ordinance Compliance Deadline Approaches
FCC Releases Text of Competitive Cable Franchise Order
FCC 1.4 GHz Auction Closes
FCC Establishes Details of 2.1 GHz Relocation Clearinghouse Duties

Volume IV- Issue 10 March 5, 2007 (PDF)
Skype Petitions for Right to Attach Devices to Wireless Networks
Broadband PCS Auction Short-Form Filing Window Opens This Week
FCC Seeks Comment on Exclusive Video Programming Contract Prohibition
Keller and Heckman LLP at Industry Events

Volume IV- Issue 9 February 26, 2007 (PDF)
Parties Urge Commission to Develop 800 MHz Reconfiguration Benchmarks
FCC to Appoint New Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau Chief
AT&T Sells Spectrum To Clearwire
Keller and Heckman LLP at ENTELEC 2007

Volume IV- Issue 8 February 20, 2007 (PDF)
FAA Jumping the Gun on Tower Construction Notification Rulemaking?
FCC Provides Guidance on 800 MHz Relocations
FCC Regulatory Review Targets Rule Changes

Volume IV- Issue 7 February 12, 2007 (PDF)
2.1 GHz Band Relocation Negotiations Underway
FCC Releases Annual Report on Do-Not-Call Registry
Reports on Telephone Service, Local Telephone Competition, and High-Speed Internet

Volume IV- Issue 6 February 5, 2007 (PDF)
Bid for "Rivalrous" Pole Attachment Rates Fails
Senate Questions FCC Chairman Martin Regarding AT&T-BellSouth Merger
FAA Revises Obstruction Marking and Lighting Guidelines
M2Z Networks Proposes Nationwide Wireless Broadband Service

Volume IV- Issue 5 January 29, 2007 (PDF)
2.1 GHz Band Relocation Negotiations
Changes to FCC Universal Licensing System and Form 603
Status of 1.4 GHz Auction
Keller and Heckman LLP Welcomes Kimberly Leary-Thomas as a Licensing Specialist

Volume IV- Issue 4 January 22, 2007 (PDF)
Time Warner Telecom Proposes Lower Pole Attachment Rates For Everyone
2.1 GHz Band Relocation Negotiations in Full Swing
FCC Releases Procedures for Broadband PCS Auction
Local Competition and Broadband Reporting Form Filing Deadline

Volume IV- Issue 3 January 16, 2007 (PDF)
FCC Issues Order Concerning 800 MHz Public Safety Relocation
FCC Seeks Comment on 700 MHz Re-Banding Proposal
New Net Neutrality Legislation Introduced
We Would Like to Hear From You

Volume IV- Issue 2 January 8, 2007 (PDF)
Two New FCC Bureau Chiefs Named
FCC Settles Unauthorized Transfer of Control Investigation for $200,000
Senator Stevens Introduces Legislation to Expand USF Program
Annual Report on Unsolicited Fax Enforcement

Volume IV- Issue 1 January 2, 2007 (PDF)
Predictions for 2007

Highlights from Telecom Business Alerts 2006

  • FCC Establishes Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau
  • FCC Seeks Comment on Service Rules for 700 MHz Band
  • Senate Telecom Bill and House Net Neutrality Bill Introduced
  • FCC Grants Advanced Wireless Services Licenses