Telecom Business Alert 2005

Date: Jan 31, 2005

Keller and Heckman LLP's Telecom Business Alert is a complimentary weekly electronic update created by the Telecommunications and the Business Counseling and Transactional practice groups of Keller and Heckman LLP. It focuses on regulatory developments at the Federal Communications Commission and commercial issues impacting the telecommunications industry.

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Volume II- Issue 1 January 3, 2005 (PDF)
Appeals Court Prohibits State Regulation of VoIP
FCC to Auction Licenses for Advanced Wireless Services
FCC Issues Report Showing Growth in High-Speed Internet Access Services

Volume II- Issue 2 January 10, 2005 (PDF)
Effective Date Announced For New BPL Rules
FCC Affirms Forfeiture For Violation of Radiofrequency Radiation Limits
License Audit Response Deadline is Approaching
FCC Open Meeting This Thursday

Volume II- Issue 3 January 18, 2005 (PDF)
FCC Seeks Comment on Report Regarding Communications Towers and Migratory Birds
FCC Seeks Comment on State E911 Implementation for Multi-Line Telephone Systems
FCC to Hold Telecommunications Services Priority Summit

Volume II- Issue 4 January 24, 2005 (PDF)
FCC Chairman Michael K. Powell Announces Departure
USF Assessment Skyrockets as FCC Begins to Address Access Rates
Keller and Heckman LLP Opens Shanghai Office

Volume II- Issue 5 January 31, 2005 (PDF)
FCC to Launch Auction 59- Multiple Address Systems Spectrum
FCC Announces Departures
Solicitor General Will Not Appeal Court's Rejection of Media Ownership Rules

Volume II- Issue 6 February 7, 2005 (PDF)
FCC Open Meeting This Thursday
Keller and Heckman LLP Web Conferences

Volume II- Issue 7 February 14, 2005 (PDF)
Nextel Accepts 800 MHz Decision; Rebanding May Begin by This June
FCC Releases Wireless Broadband Report
FCC Addresses Dual and Multicast Carriage Obligations
Real Estate Developers and Telecom Convergence

Volume II- Issue 8 February 22, 2005 (PDF)
FCC Seeks Comment on Proposed Rules For the 900 MHz B/ILT Pools
FCC Auctions
NARUC Releases BPL Report
Keller and Heckman LLP at Industry Event

Volume II- Issue 9 February 28, 2005 (PDF)
FCC Addresses Wireless Termination Rates; Begins to Review Intercarrier Compensation
FCC Rejects AT&T's Classification of Prepaid Calling Cards and Initiates Rulemaking
New UNE Rules to Take Effect March 11th
800 MHz: What Licensees Need to Know
Keller and Heckman LLP at IWCE 2005

Volume II- Issue 10 March 3, 2005 (PDF)
FCC Open Meeting This Thursday
FCC Adopts Additional Requirements for ETC Designation
FCC Enters Into Consent Decree Regarding Blocking of VoIP Ports
Keller and Heckman LLP Web Conferences

Volume II- Issue 11 March 14, 2005 (PDF)
PCS/Microwave Relocation Rules to Sunset Soon
FCC Proposes Changes to Regulatory Fees
FCC Establishes Pleading Cycle on SBC-AT&T Merger
FCC Waives Emission Measurement Procedures for Ultra-Wideband Transmission Systems
FCC Designates Nationwide Number to Prevent Excavation Damage

Volume II- Issue 12 March 21, 2005 (PDF)
President Bush Names New FCC Chairman

Volume II- Issue 13 March 28, 2005 (PDF)
FCC Preempts State Prohibitions Against DSL-Voice Tying Arrangements
FCC Seeks Comment on Proposed Rules for the 900 MHz B/ILT Pools
OSHA Electric Power Safety Rules
Keller and Heckman LLP at Industry Events

Volume II- Issue 14 April 4, 2005 (PDF)
FCC Seeks Comment on Spectrum Needs of Emergency Response Providers
Brand X Oral Argument
Regulatory Predictions for BPL
Keller and Heckman LLP at ENTELEC '05
Catch Keller and Heckman LLP on the Radio

Volume II- Issue 15 April 11, 2005 (PDF)
FCC Extends Transition Periods For U-NII Equipment in the 5 GHz Band
Appeals Court Remands Cell Phone Case to District Court
Catch Keller and Heckman LLP on the Radio This Wednesday

Volume II- Issue 16 April 18, 2005 (PDF)
FCC Releases List of Eligible Bidders for MAS Auction
Comments Due on AT&T and SBC Merger
FCC Seeks Comment on Use of Video News Releases
Keller and Heckman LLP at Industry Events
Sports and Courts

Volume II- Issue 17 April 25, 2005 (PDF)
FCC Auction No. 61: Automated Maritime Telecommunications System
FCC Open Meeting This Thursday
Important Reminder For All Organizations Sending Fax Advertisements

Volume II- Issue 18 May 2, 2005 (PDF)
Chairman Martin Selects New Staff and Bureau Chiefs
FCC Expected to Address VoIP and 911 Capabilities
Important Reminder Regarding Construction Notifications
MAS Auction Update
Keller and Heckman LLP at UTC Telecom 2005

Volume II- Issue 19 May 9, 2005 (PDF)
FCC Denies SBC Petition Regarding IP Platform Services
Keller and Heckman LLP at UTC Telecom 2005
Catch Keller and Heckman LLP on the Radio This Wednesday

Volume II- Issue 20 May 16, 2005 (PDF)
FCC Open Meeting This Thursday
MAS Auction Continues at the FCC
FCC Outlines Application Freeze Process For 800 MHz Reconfiguration
FTC Seeks Comment on CAN SPAM Issues

Volume II- Issue 21 May 23, 2005 (PDF)
FCC Addresses VoIP and 911
FCC Seeks Comment on Changes to Cable Ownership Rules
Electric Utility Cited by OSHA For Violation of Lockout/ Tagout Procedures
Incorporating Side Letters Into Business Transactions

Volume II- Issue 22 June 6, 2005 (PDF)
800 MHz Rebanding Update
FCC Open Meeting This Thursday
FCC to Implement ULS Automatic Termination Feature
FCC Announces Winning Bidders For Auction No. 59 (Multiple Address Systems)
State Homeland Security Initiatives

Volume II- Issue 23 June 13, 2005 (PDF)
FCC Revises Digital Television (DTV) Tuner Requirements
FCC Auction No. 63: Multichannel Video Distribution & Data Services
Supreme Court Denies Review of FCC's Media Ownership Rules
Reducing the Risks of Employment Litigation

Volume II- Issue 24 June 20, 2005 (PDF)
FCC Reminds Small Entities of Reporting Requirements
FCC Initiates Inquiry Regarding Universal Service Fund
FCC Provides Guidance on C-Band Coordination by Earth Stations on Vessels

Volume II- Issue 25 June 27, 2005 (PDF)
Brand X Reversed
FCC Imposes Forfeiture for Part 15 Violation
FCC Chairman and Commissioner Announce New Appointments

Volume II- Issue 26 July 5, 2005 (PDF)
2 GHz MSS Developments
FCC to Shut-Down ULS Temporarily
FCC Further Postpones Effective Date of New Do Not Fax Rules

Volume II- Issue 27 July 11, 2005 (PDF)
FCC Releases Report on High-Speed Internet Connections
FCC Provides Information on Local Telephone Competition
FCC to Address Media Ownership at Next Open Meeting

Volume II- Issue 28 July 18, 2005 (PDF)
FCC Prepares to Collect Regulatory Fees for Fiscal Year 2005
Junk Fax Prevention Act Signed into Law
Current Issues in Data/Information Security, Privacy, and Identity Theft

Volume II- Issue 29 July 25, 2005 (PDF)
FCC Approves Proposed Merger of Alltel and Western Wireless
Texas Legislature Considers Measure That Would Grant Telcos Statewide Franchise
FCC Revises Form 601

Volume II- Issue 30 August 1, 2005 (PDF)
Broadband Investment and Consumer Choice Act introduced in Senate
FCC Petition May Have Implications for WiFi Rollout
The Nuts and Bolts of Structuring a Transaction

Volume II- Issue 31 August 8, 2005 (PDF)
FCC Adopts Wireline Broadband Internet Access Order
FCC Modifies Advanced Wireless Service Rules to Benefit Small and Rural Providers
FCC Consents to Proposed Sprint-Nextel Merger

Volume II- Issue 32 August 15, 2005 (PDF)
FCC Proposes Forfeitures for Universal Service Fund Violations
FCC to Implement ULS Automatic Termination Feature
OSHA Proposes New and Revised Electrical Safety Standards

Volume II- Issue 33 August 23, 2005 (PDF)
FCC Shifts Gears to Accommodate Convergence in Telecommunications
Getting New Technology to Market

Volume II- Issue 34 August 29, 2005 (PDF)
FCC Revises Form 603; Regulatory Fee Payments Due
FCC Auctions Update
FCC Extends VoIP/E911 Deadline

Volume II- Issue 35 September 6, 2005 (PDF)
SPECIAL EDITION: Keller and Heckman LLP Counsels "Wave 1" Licensees On 800 MHz Rebanding

Volume II- Issue 36 September 12, 2005 (PDF)
FCC Responds to Hurricane Katrina
FCC Seeks Comment on CMRS Roaming Requirements
Auction No. 63: Multichannel Video Distribution & Data Services

Volume II- Issue 37 September 19, 2005 (PDF)
FCC Takes Action to Assist Hurricane Disaster Relief
FCC Fines Carriers for USF and TRS Violations
Bridging the Gap Between Innovation and Venture

Volume II- Issue 38 September 26, 2005 (PDF)
FCC Releases Wireline Broadband Internet Access Order
FCC Requires Broadband and VoIP Providers to Accommodate Wiretaps
Excise Tax Refund

Volume II- Issue 39 October 3, 2005 (PDF)
FCC Releases Advanced Wireless Services Order
FCC Reports on State of Competition in the Wireless Industry
Business Strategy For the Emerging Company

Volume II- Issue 40 October 10, 2005 (PDF)
FCC Issues Order in 800 MHz Proceeding
AT&T/SBC and MCI/Verizon Mergers - Decisions Possible in October
FCC Chairman Testifies on Hurricane Response and Relief

Volume II- Issue 41 October 17, 2005 (PDF)
FCC Appoints UTC as Access BPL Database Manager; Sets Information Submission Deadline
FCC Seeks Comment on Consumer Protection Requirements For Broadband Services
FCC Grants Applications For Multiple Address Systems Licenses
We Would Like to Hear From You

Volume II- Issue 42 October 24, 2005 (PDF)
FCC Open Meeting This Friday
USTA Seeks Regulated ILEC Pole Attachments
FCC Commissioner Comments on Wireless Industry Issues

Volume II- Issue 43 November 1, 2005 (PDF)
Special Edition: Mega-Mergers Approved by Department of Justice and FCC with Modest Conditions

Volume II- Issue 44 November 7, 2005 (PDF)
FCC Acts to Implement SHVERA
FCC Initiates Rulemaking Regarding Franchising Process for Competitive Entrants
FCC Modifies Digital Tuner Requirements Pertaining to DTV Transition

Volume II- Issue 45 November 14, 2005 (PDF)
President Nominates FCC Commissioners
FCC Clarifies Requirements For VOIP 911 Compliance Letters
CTIA Implements Wireless Content Guidelines
Learning From Mistakes; What Successful Business Leaders Do Wrong

Volume II- Issue 46 November 21, 2005 (PDF)
FCC Commissioner Abernathy Announces Departure
BlackBerry Case Underscores Risks to Customers in Patent Infringement Litigation
800 MHz Reconfiguration Workshop

Volume II- Issue 47 December 5, 2005 (PDF)
"Net Neutrality" Emerges as Major Broadband Issue
Corporate Customers Should Monitor 3% Telecom Excise Tax Refund Claims Closely
FCC to Examine Unsolicited Faxes

Volume II- Issue 48 December 12, 2005 (PDF)
FCC Boosts Spectrum Reservations of 2 GHz MSS Satellite Operators
D.C. Circuit Rules that 3% Federal Excise Tax Improperly Imposed
FCC Proposes Rules Implementing Junk Fax Prevention Act
Tools For Businesses and Non-Profits

Volume II- Issue 49 December 20, 2005 (PDF)
Fibertech Requests Pole Attachment Rulemaking
FCC Announces Winning Bidders For Auction No. 63: MVDDS
FCC Seeks Comment on Issues Pertaining to Unsolicited Fax Advertisements