Pole Attachment Development (January 4, 2005)
Utah Slams Comcast for $3.8 Million in Pole Fees

Date: Jan 05, 2005

On December 21, 2004, the Public Service Commission of Utah found that Comcast Cable Communications owes PacifiCorp $3.8 million, consisting of a $900,000 share of audit expenses and $2.9 million to cover penalties and back rent for unauthorized attachments on 38,919 poles.

Utah's decision is remarkable not only for the size of the award, but for other reasons:

  • It approved the contract's $60/year unauthorized attachment fee, rejecting Comcast's claim that the contract was one of adhesion.
  • It rejected PacifiCorp's 1997/98 audit as a baseline from which unauthorized attachments could be counted, largely because verifiable audit records were unavailable.
  • The baseline instead was set at 75,000 poles, because Comcast was being billed, and was paying, for that many poles prior to the 2002/2003 audit.
  • Comcast was forced to pay its share of the comprehensive and expensive ($12.27 per joint use pole) 2002/2003 audit, in which GPS locations, digital photos, mapstring identifiers, pole numbers and potential safety issues were recorded, because this information was essential for all parties as a foundation for future joint use operations.

In a refreshing change from FCC proceedings, Utah placed the burden squarely on Comcast to prove that its attachments were properly authorized and faulted Comcast as much as PacifiCorp for poor recordkeeping.

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