Association News Alert

Date: Apr 12, 2007

Keller and Heckman LLP's Association News Alert is a complimentary electronic update created by the Trade and Professional Association practice group of Keller and Heckman LLP. The alert focuses on regulatory developments and commercial issues that impact associations.

To sign up for this alert, please send us an email at Assoc@khlaw.com and provide us with your name and email.

Issue #26 April 2007 (PDF)
Data Security Laws, Standards Affect Non-Profits
Update Your Website Terms to Cover User-Generated Content, Social Networking Rules

Issue #25 January 31, 2007 (PDF)
FTC Seeks Comment on Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising
FCC Reports on Do Not Fax Enforcement

Issue #24 October 31, 2006 (PDF)
Is Your Website ADA Compliant?
Be Careful! - Your Trade Association Might be Setting Standards

Issue #23 August 30, 2006 (PDF)
Standards Development and Disclosing IP Interests
Save Your Insurance Policies

Issue #22 July 28, 2006 (PDF)
Court Finds Association May Not Represent Members In Arbitration With Third Party; Suggests Ways It May
Effective Branding

Issue #21 May 31, 2006 (PDF)
Liability Insurance Targeted To Be Cut For Some Trade Associations

Issue #20 April 18, 2006 (PDF)
FCC Amends Fax Rules
Data Security Breach Notification Rules Proliferate

Issue #19 February 24, 2006 (PDF)
Is Your Website ADA Accessible
U.S. District Court Judge Extends Stay of California Fax Law

Issue #18 January 31, 2006 (PDF)
Watch Out for Aggressive Room Block Commitments
Does Your Event Cancellation Policy Cover Hidden Costs

Issue #17 December 16, 2005 (PDF)
FCC Proposes Rules Implementing Junk Fax Prevention Act

Issue #16 November 30, 2005 (PDF)
IP Basics
IP Protection Tips

Issue #15 October 31, 2005 (PDF)
California Approves Junk Fax Bill Eliminating EBR
Congress Considering National Data Security Breach Notification Measures

Issue #14 September 30, 2005 (PDF)
Associations Begin to Face Extensive Auditor Questionnaires
Bioterrorism Regulations Offer Food-Related Trade Associations a Valuable, and Potentially Lucrative, Opportunity

Issue #13 August 30, 2005 (PDF)
Data Security, Breach Notification Laws, Proliferate
Does Your Current Insurance Policy Include Coverage for Standards Setting and Certification Programs

Issue #12 July 29, 2005 (PDF)
Impact of the Junk Fax Prevention Act on Your Organization
Whistleblower Protection and Enforcement Issues

Issue #11 June 30, 2005 (PDF)
FCC Further Postpones Effective Date of New Do Not Fax Rules
Trade Association Endorsements

Issue #10 May 31, 2005 (PDF)
FTC Seeks Comment on CAN SPAM Issues
Increasing Uses of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) in the Workplace

Issue #9 April 28, 2005 (PDF)
FCC Cites Non-Profit for Fax Violations
Supreme Court Rules that ADEA Allows Disparate Impact Claims

Issue #8 March 31, 2005 (PDF)
CAN-SPAM Act "Primary Purpose" Rule in Effect
Date Security Breaches Generate Hill Concern

Issue #7 Febraury 28, 2005 (PDF)
Cartels, Associations, Subpoenas and E-mail Retention
Privacy Bill Could Affect List Sales
Association Promotions HANDLE WITH CARE!

Issue #6 January 31, 2005 (PDF)
SPAM Primary Purpose Final Rule Issued
Affiliate Marketing Arrangements Under FTC Scrutiny

Issue #5 November 30, 2004 (PDF)
California's Information Security Obligations Affect Non-Profits
Charity Deductions Facing Increased Scrutiny
Employer Hiring Issues

Issue #4 October 29, 2004 (PDF)
Be Careful! - Your Trade Association Might be Setting Standards
Associations May Be Challenged for Members' Advertising

Issue #3 September 28, 2004 (PDF)
Save Your Insurance Policies
Sarbanes-Oxley Applies To More Than Public Companies
Effective Branding

Issue #2 August 19, 2004 (PDF)
FTC Seeks Comment on CAN SPAM Definition
FCC Issues Rules on Wireless SPAM
Coalition Petitions FCC for Further Stay of Fax Rules

Issue #1 July 19, 2004 (PDF)
Congress Considering Relief From Fax Regulations
New Antitrust Protection for Standards Development Organizations
Department of Labor's New White Collar Overtime Regulations Set to Go Into Effect