EU Nordic Council Publication on Food Additives in Europe

Date: May 14, 2003

The Nordic Council of Ministers composed of representatives from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden has recently published a report* regarding the status of assessment of food additives presently permitted in the EU. This report calls for a mechanism to be put in place in the EU to ensure a systematic and periodic review of all permitted food additives. This report contains 163 monographs covering more than 300 additives, describing the safety evaluations and specifications conducted or set by JECFA and the SCF and reviewing whether new data has been published since these evaluations took place. Each monograph also indicates the status of those additives under the current review on food additive intake conducted by the EU Commission. Each monograph contains a recommendation and priority classification for review based on the above information.

For further information, contact Lorène Courrège at courrege@khlaw.be or Jean Savigny at savigny@khlaw.be

* Tema Nord 2002:560, ISBN 92-893-0829-X, see www.norden.org