Telecom Business Alert 2006

Date: Dec 26, 2006

Keller and Heckman LLP's Telecom Business Alert is a complimentary weekly electronic update created by the Telecommunications and the Business Counseling and Transactional practice groups of Keller and Heckman LLP. It focuses on regulatory developments at the Federal Communications Commission and commercial issues impacting the telecommunications industry.

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Current Issues
January 3, 2006- December 26, 2006 Volume III, Issue 1- Issue 52

Volume III- Issue 52 December 26, 2006 (PDF)
FCC Seeks Comment on 700 MHz Re-Banding Proposal
FCC Resolves Two 800 MHz Rebanding Disputes
800 MHz Rebanding Guidance for Public Safety Licensees

Volume III- Issue 51 December 18, 2006 (PDF)
FCC to Hold Open Meeting This Wednesday; BellSouth--AT&T Merger not on Agenda
Phase II 220 MHz Spectrum Auction Scheduled for June 20, 2007
FCC Proposes to Raise USF Contribution Factor
New CALEA Requirements Take Effect

Volume III- Issue 50 December 11, 2006 (PDF)
AT&T-BellSouth Merger Update
FCC Establishes Commercial Mobile Service Alert Advisory Committee
FCC Chairman Speaks on Broadband Deployment

Volume III- Issue 49 December 4, 2006 (PDF)
IRS Announces New Formula for Federal Excise Tax Refunds
FCC Grants Sprint Nextel 900 MHz Band STA Requests
FCC Extends 2.3 GHz Band Construction Deadline
FCC Grants Advanced Wireless Services Licenses

Volume III- Issue 48 November 27, 2006 (PDF)
1.4 GHz Auction Short-Form Application Filing Window Opens November 29
FCC Auction No. 71: Broadband PCS
FCC Seeks Comment on Mitigation of Bird Collisions with Communications Towers
FCC Seeks Comment on Unlicensed Operations in the TV Broadcast Bands

Volume III- Issue 47 November 20, 2006 (PDF)
Senate Re-Confirms Kevin Martin as FCC Chairman
Senator Inouye (D-HI) To Chair Senate Commerce Committee
FCC Rules Against Massport in Over-the-Air Reception Devices Proceeding
FCC Penalizes Company for Unauthorized Assignment of Land Mobile Licenses

Volume III- Issue 45 November 6, 2006 (PDF)
FCC Releases Procedures for 1.4 GHz Auction
FCC Seeks Comment on Mitigation of Bird Collisions with Communications Towers
FCC Classifies Broadband over Power Line Internet Access Service as Information Service
FCC Dismisses Cyren Call Petition

Volume III- Issue 44 October 30, 2006 (PDF)
FCC Open Meeting This Friday
FCC Rules on 220 MHz Waiver Request
Growing Challenges in Telecommunications Procurements

Volume III- Issue 43 October 23, 2006 (PDF)
End of AWS Auction Signals Approach of 2.1 GHz Relocation
FCC Solicits Anti-Pole Owner Comments in Video Competition Proceeding
Key Dates Upcoming in 800 MHz Rebanding
FCC Issues Forfeiture Against Company for Erroneous Certifications

Volume III- Issue 42 October 16, 2006 (PDF)
Sprint Nextel Seeks Temporary Use of 900 MHz Spectrum
FCC Seeks Comments on Video Competition
FCC Permits New Low Power Devices on Vacant TV Channels
Consideration of AT&T-BellSouth Merger Delayed

Volume III- Issue 41 October 9, 2006 (PDF)
FCC Open Meeting This Thursday
FCC Appoints Administrators of 2.1 GHz Relocation Cost Sharing Plan
FCC Rechannelizes 18 GHz Band Plan
FCC Issues Forfeitures for Failure to Comply with Antenna Requirements

Volume III- Issue 40 October 2, 2006 (PDF)
FCC Establishes Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau
FCC Releases Annual CMRS Competition Report
Sprint Nextel Urges FCC to Conduct 900 MHz Auction
FCC Announces Beginning of 800 MHz Reconfiguration For Wave 3 NPSPAC Regions

Volume III- Issue 38 September 18, 2006 (PDF)
FCC Proceeding to Address Unlicensed Operations in TV Broadcast Bands
FCC Extends Comment Deadline for 700 MHz Proceeding
FCC Issues Forfeitures For Failure to Make Universal Service and Regulatory Fee Payments

Volume III- Issue 37 September 11, 2006 (PDF)
Doubts Increase for Enactment of Telecom Legislation This Year
FCC Considers Changes to Rules Governing 700 MHz Band
FCC Amends Schedules of Application and Regulatory Fees
Keller and Heckman LLP at WEI Joint Use Conference

Volume III- Issue 36 September 5, 2006 (PDF)
FCC Auction No. 69: 1.4 GHz
FCC Implements Form 608 for Spectrum Leasing Arrangements
FCC Seeks Comment on Service Rules for 700 MHz Band
Annual Regulatory Fee Payments Due September 19

Volume III- Issue 35 August 28, 2006 (PDF)
FCC Assesses Multiple Forfeitures for Unlicensed Operation of Microwave Stations
Modification to 800 MHz Reconfiguration Deadline Announced
FCC Continues to Terminate Licenses for Failure to File Construction Notifications

Volume III- Issue 34 August 21, 2006 (PDF)
Auction Update: Advanced Wireless Services
Federal Aviation Administration Seeks Comment on Electromagnetic Interference Requirements
FCC Seeks Comment on Direct Broadcast Satellite Service Rules

Volume III- Issue 33 August 14, 2006 (PDF)
FCC Seeks Comment in 2006 Biennial Regulatory Review
Senate Releases Text of Telecom Act Rewrite
FCC Moving Forward with New Filing Requirements for Spectrum Leasing Arrangements
Keller and Heckman LLP Welcomes Kathy Clark as Licensing Specialist

Volume III- Issue 32 August 7, 2006 (PDF)
FCC Affirms Broadband Over Power Line Rules
FCC Seeks Comment on Service Rules for 700 MHz Band
Annual Regulatory Fee Payments Due September 19
Elimination of Telephone Excise Tax Effective August 1

Volume III- Issue 31 July 31, 2006 (PDF)
FCC Open Meeting This Thursday
FCC's Amended Facsimile Advertising Rules Effective August 1
FCC Releases Reports on High-Speed Services and Local Telephone Competition
FCC Licensees Should Remember Obligations Regarding Corporate Transactions

Volume III- Issue 30 July 24, 2006 (PDF)
FCC Prepares to Collect Regulatory Fees for Fiscal Year 2006
FCC Issues Reminder Regarding Designation of Agent for Service of Process Requirement
FCC Proposes $97,500 Forfeiture Against Data Broker In CPNI Investigation
Excess Spectrum Available for Purchase

Volume III- Issue 29 July 17, 2006 (PDF)
Court Rejects Challenge to FCC's 800 MHz Rebanding Plan
FCC Approves Adelphia Communications Acquisition
Local Competition and Broadband Reporting Form Filing Deadline

Volume III- Issue 28 July 10, 2006 (PDF)
FCC to Hold Open Meeting This Thursday
FCC Receives Applications for Advanced Wireless Services Auction
FCC Debars Two Companies from E-Rate Program
International Telecommunications Traffic Reports Due July 31, 2006

Volume III- Issue 27 July 3, 2006 (PDF)
Senate Committee Approves Advanced Telecommunications and Opportunity Reform Act
FCC Adopts New Universal Service Fund Contribution Rules
FCC Continues to Enforce Do-Not-Fax Rules
FCC Issues Forfeiture for Licensee's Failure to File License Modification

Volume III- Issue 26 June 26, 2006 (PDF)
FCC Seeks Comment on Hurricane Katrina Panel Report
FCC Proposes Rules for 17/24 GHz Broadcasting Satellite Service
Details Announced for 800 MHz Reconfiguration Planning Funding Fast Track Option
Federal Aviation Administration Proposes Electromagnetic Interference Requirements

Volume III- Issue 25 June 19, 2006 (PDF)
FCC to Hold Open Meeting This Wednesday
FCC Seeks Comment on Spectrum Sharing Innovation Test-Bed
FCC Releases Annual Satellite Competition Report
Court Upholds FCC's Network Unbundling Rules

Volume III- Issue 24 June 12, 2006 (PDF)
House Passes COPE Act
Court Affirms FCC Order on CALEA and VOIP
Recent Fatalities Highlight Importance of Tower Safety
Piggybacking on Poles

Volume III- Issue 23 June 5, 2006 (PDF)
Congress Considers Net Neutrality Legislation
FCC Announces Start of 800 MHz Reconfiguration For Wave 4
Robert M. McDowell Sworn in as FCC Commissioner

Volume III- Issue 22 May 26, 2006 (PDF)
IRS to Issue Refunds for Telephone Excise Tax
FCC Modifies Schedule For Auction No. 66: Advanced Wireless Services
FCC Independent Panel to Vote on Hurricane Katrina Report

Volume III- Issue 21 May 22, 2006 (PDF)
FCC Lifts "High Power" Filing Freeze in 460-470 MHz Band
FCC Enforces License Auto-Termination Feature
Insights on 800 MHz Rebanding
Oregon Court Upholds Pole Attachment Penalties

Volume III- Issue 20 May 15, 2006 (PDF)
Business Services Market Still Competitive Despite Mergers of AT&T & SBC and MCI & Verizon
Keller and Heckman LLP at UTC Telecom 2006

Volume III- Issue 19 May 8, 2006 (PDF)
Senate Telecom Bill and House Net Neutrality Bill Introduced
Wayne Black Receives Scholarship Honor From ENTELEC

Volume III- Issue 18 May 1, 2006 (PDF)
National Cable Franchising Legislation Approved by House Committee
FCC Modifies "Designated Entity" Eligibility Rules

Volume III- Issue 17 April 24, 2006 (PDF)
Federal Government to Address Excise Tax
FCC Proposes Forfeiture For Violation of CPNI Compliance Rules
FCC Reports on High-Speed Services and Local Telephone Competition
Keller and Heckman LLP at Industry Events

Volume III- Issue 16 April 17, 2006 (PDF)
FCC Adopts Procedures for AWS Auction, Including "Blind Bidding"
New Relocation and Cost Sharing Rules for AWS
FCC Lifts "High Power" Filing Freeze in 460-470 MHz Band
FCC Enforces License Auto-Termination Feature

Volume III- Issue 15 April 10, 2006 (PDF)
FCC to Adopt Procedures Governing Auction No. 66
Indiana Approves Favorable Pole Attachment Rates

Volume III- Issue 14 April 3, 2006 (PDF)
Annual Report to Congress on Satellite Competition
FCC Seeks Comment on Fiscal Year 2006 Regulatory Fees
Online Pole Attachment Discussion Group
Keller and Heckman LLP at ENTELEC 2006

Volume III- Issue 13 March 27, 2006 (PDF)
Legislative Predictions

Volume III- Issue 12 March 20, 2006 (PDF)
FCC Seeks Comment on 700 MHz Re-banding Proposals
FCC Establishes Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau
Canadian Licensing Issues
Keller and Heckman LLP at ENTELEC 2006

Volume III- Issue 11 March 13, 2006 (PDF)
FCC Examines Rules Governing Frequencies in the 904-909.75 and 919.75-928 MHz Bands
800 MHz Voluntary Negotiation Period For Wave 4, Phase 1 Licensees to Begin July 3
AT&T-Bell South Merger--Good For Competition or Consumers?
Keller and Heckman LLP at ENTELEC 2006

Volume III- Issue 10 March 7, 2006 (PDF)
Entergy Pole Attachment Hearing
New Hampshire Investigates Joint Use Activity
Quarterly Tower Inspection Waiver Requests
Utilizing Partnering as a Business Strategy

Volume III- Issue 9 February 27, 2006 (PDF)
FCC Lifts Filing Freeze for Wave 1 Non-NPSPAC 800 MHz Licensees
FCC to Issue First Auto-Termination Public Notice on March 8, 2006
Florida Mandates Comprehensive Pole Inspections
Navigating the Regulatory Landscape

Volume III- Issue 8 February 21, 2006 (PDF)
California Readies BPL-Friendly Rules
FCC Proposes $1 Million Forfeiture For Marketing Unauthorized Equipment
Civil Rights/Disabilities Act Lawsuit Could Impact E-Commerce Operations
Venture Investing Today

Volume III- Issue 7 February 13, 2006 (PDF)
FCC Reports to Congress on Video Competition
FCC Reports on A La Carte Model For Delivery of Video Programming
Environmental Regulations Apply to Telecommunications Facilities
Primer on Telecommunications Services Agreements

Volume III- Issue 6 February 6, 2006 (PDF)
FCC Auction No. 66: Advanced Wireless Services to Commence June 29
Court of Appeals Hears Oral Argument in 800 MHz Case
President Nominates FCC Commissioner
CPNI Compliance Certifications Due Monday, February 6

Volume III- Issue 5 January 30, 2006 (PDF)
FCC Seeks Comments on Request For Waiver of Tower Inspections Rule
FCC Denies Petition For Waiver of OTARD Rule
Court Finds Decision Not To Reinstate Employee Violates ADA

Volume III- Issue 4 January 23, 2006 (PDF)
FCC Seeks Comments on CMRS Competition
Local Telephone Competition and Broadband Reporting Form Due March 1
Auction No. 65 (800 MHz Air-Ground Radiotelephone Service) in May

Volume III- Issue 3 January 17, 2006 (PDF)
BPL Petition for Declaratory Ruling
Internet Neutrality Emerging as Major Broadband Issue for 2006
FCC Chairman Swears in Two Commissioners

Volume III- Issue 2 January 9, 2006 (PDF)
Priority Telecommunications Services Issues for 2006
CenterPoint/Time Warner Pole Attachment Settlement

Volume III- Issue 1 January 3, 2006 (PDF)
800 MHz NPSPAC Channel Reconfiguration to Begin February 1
FCC to Implement ULS Automatic Termination Feature on February 1
Prediction For Communications Act Legislation in 2006